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More synergistic operations

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Provincial-national meeting

“We want to be part of the momentum of this one mission conversation of being together, working in a collaborative context,” says Steve Berg, CCMBC interim executive director. “There’s no more important place to test that than with the provincial and national conferences.”

Provincial conference ministers and Berg met in Cedar Springs, Wash., Jan 12–13, 2018, to discuss common leadership interests, encourage one another, and talk about possibilities in the one mission partnership.

At a meeting in Calgary in fall, the provincial conference ministers presented a “blue sky” proposal for Canadian conference decision making at the provincial conference assemblies. With the executive board’s affirmation, these meetings continued to envision the possibilities.

“We are exploring what might it look like to lead in a more unified way,” says Berg. “What are implications on ministry delivery and finances to be more synergistic in operations?”

“Face to face meetings accomplish a great deal to build trust and understanding. Out of that good things take place,” says Berg.

Updated Jan. 29, 2018

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