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Government sues MB conference

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The B.C. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is listed among more than two dozen defendants in a Province of B.C. lawsuit.

The statement of claim was filed in connection with the collapse of a floor at Central Heights MB Church, Abbotsford, B.C., during a Christian rock concert Apr. 25, 2008. The government wants to recoup medical costs for five injured people, costs which it says must be continued. It lists treatment for ailments such as brain trauma, back pain, and sleep disturbances.

The suit comes under B.C.’s Health Costs Recovery Act.

The government says the concert was held in a building with “insufficient load capacity.” It names the church, the band Starfield, and even the City of Abbotsford among the defendants.

During the concert, the floor at the front of the auditorium gave way and took 70 people with it to the basement below (see “Central Heights Church admidst the wreckage,” MB Herald, June 2008). The church has since completed repairs and returned its sanctuary to use this summer (“Central Heights worships on solid ground,” MB Herald, August 2010).

—Barrie McMaster

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