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Gathering 2014: Multiplying for mission

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Photos: Lisa Hamm

“I’ve been asked many times about why we talk about multiplication,” said executive director Willy Reimer in reference to CCMBC’s new mission statement: “To multiply Christ-centred churches to see Canada transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.” 

“Multiplying is a mindset, not a number,” said Reimer. “The kingdom of God is always growing as the people of God share the life of God. Jesus is always multiplying – with bread and fish…and lives!

“Multiplying for mission is always personal. It’s not about hitting targets. The more we know people [who don’t know Jesus], the more urgent it becomes.”


Photos: Lisa Hamm

Norm Funk, pastor of Westside Church and host of Gathering 2014 at The Centre, preached during the opening Celebration Service from 2 Corinthians 4:1–6, saying the ministry we’ve been given is a gift. “We can’t be sufficient enough in ourselves – our education, our experience, our history. Ours is a ministry of the Spirit! If we just rely on ourselves, we lose heart or get cocky.”

Funk exhorted leaders to preach the full gospel. “Sometimes not all the gospel is taught,” he said, “especially the hard parts, or when we question it or don’t teach it with conviction. And sometimes we rely on bait-and-switch tactics, telling people their marriage or their family or their health will be better when they come to Jesus. The gospel doesn’t promise those things.”

Funk also said the gospel calls us to preach with passion. “The gospel brings light and life. The gospel is not a what, it’s a who – Jesus! That should fire us up with passion!”

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