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Four churches prepare to ReFocus

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Quebec MB convention, Apr. 4

The Quebec MB conference, Association des Églises des Frères Mennonites du Québec, met for their annual convention April 4 at Église Saint-Jérôme in Montreal. Close to 50 delegates, ministry workers, and special guests assembled to worship together and hear reports on conference ministries. Following a word of welcome and a time of worship, Daniel Genest, pastor of the host church, gave a meditation on Hebrews 11:35–40.

A special welcome was extended to Kristen Corrigan, the new dean of ETEM; Joakim Veilleux, provincial youth coordinator for AEFMQ; Claude and Muriel Queval, new directors of MCC Quebec; Jean Calvin Kitata, pastor of Le Rocher international church; and Aurore Rediger, intern at Intersection de Terrebonne church.

Stéphane Rhéaume gave a presentation about ReFocusing, a process for church rejuvenation and growth, sponsored by the Canadian conference and Regenerate 21-01. The Quevals will function in a pastoral capacity at Saint-Eustache church, while regular pastor Rhéaume is working three-quarter time for Horizon Quebec. Four churches – Saint-Jérome, Sainte-Thérèse, Sainte-Rose, and l’Église Khmer – have signed up for the ReFocusing process, with another considering it.

Charles Martin, president (moderator) of AEFMQ, presented the governance manual, written by a team under the direction of Kristen Corrigan. The operating manual is ready for use with the possibility of revisions for the future as the need arises.

Ministry reports were followed by elections, with the following results: Charles Martin, president; Ginette Rolland, Robert Dagenais, Roger Deschênes, and Bruno Synnott administrators; Joakim Veilleux, both provincial youth coordinator and AEFMQ representative for the Protestant Partnership on Education.

The AEFMQ will gather again Sept. 13 for the annual rally.

—Jean Bieri, translated by Karla Braun

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