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For goodness’ sake!

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Last fall, a 60-foot tree in our backyard suffered a large broken limb, so we had to take the whole thing down quickly. Staring at an estimated $1,000–1,500 bill for a company to come in on short notice made for a restless Saturday, not to mention the prospect of a tree landing on our home. Sunday morning, the unique and wonderful nature of the local church kicked in. My wife bumped into a young mom who loves chainsaws (a fact revealed at a church BBQ some months before). Sunday afternoon, she and her husband – along with their three young kids – were in our yard with a couple chainsaws (hers was orange, his green), skillfully dropping branches between fence/shed/house, bringing the whole tree down. I didn’t even know what kind of tree it was, but soon found out what happens when a God-inspired open-hearted young mother picks up a chainsaw.

—David Balzer, North Kildonan MB Church, Winnipeg

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