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For Goodness’ Sake

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FGSWhether you grew up in Foam Lake, Sask., or moved to the small town as an adult, you’ve probably crossed paths with Frieda Loeppky. She arrived in the area as a newlywed from Waldheim in 1964, and settled on a farm with her husband Frank. Over 48 years, she has worked at many tasks – teaching children in public school, Sunday school, and weeknight clubs; serving the church board and ladies fellowship – but what makes her shine is her spirit of love. She reaches out to new faces at church, opens her home to visitors, and aids those in need in whatever ways she can. On Nov. 14, the church held a celebration night to bless Frieda for being one who honours God (1 Samuel 2:30) by pouring love onto children and strangers. Frieda may be retired from her job as school teacher, but she continues to work hard as a servant of the Lord and his church.

—Laura Wick, Gospel Fellowship Church correspondent

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