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Pennsylvania 2015

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Attendees at Assembly 15 in Paraguay take communion together.  Photo: Lowell Brown

Attendees at Assembly 15 in Paraguay take communion together.
Photo: Lowell Brown

The worldwide family of Anabaptist churches will meet for six days next summer at the 16th Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly in Harrisburg, Pa., July 21–26, 2015.

The theme is

Walking with God/
Caminemos con Dios/
En Marche avec Dieu.

Why should I attend Mennonite World Conference’s Pennsylvania 2015?

Assemblies rotate among five continents so this is a rare opportunities for Canadians to experience global worship with our Anabaptist family on our own continent. “It’s like experiencing a bit of heaven here on earth, worshipping the Lamb of God in multitudes of languages and cultures,” says MWC vice president Janet Plenert. “It’s about all members of the Body of Christ learning from each other how to be Christ followers today.”

What can I expect to happen at Assembly?

The program includes worship music and speakers from all continents, small group discussions, workshops, local tours, service opportunities and exhibits at the Global Church Village. Evening worship will be led by a different continent each day. On the final day, participants will worship in local churches. The Assembly also includes children and youth programs. 

The week before Assembly begins, Mennonite World Conference’s Global Youth Summit (ages 18–26) takes place as well as a variety of consultations and networking gatherings. ICOMB is helping plan the Global Education Conference, July 16–18, 2015. 

Who will be there?

Delegates, leaders, individuals, families and youth from 57 countries representing 101 national member churches (of which the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is one) will be there. Organizers are planning for 6,000–10,000 people. 

Registration begins in August 2014. The next Assembly takes place in 2021 in Indonesia.


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