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Executive director plans internal audit

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Executive board meeting, June 16-18

What is the overriding purpose of the Canadian MB conference? What is absolutely important to us? What could our future look like? What areas need our focus? Who will do it? What resources do we need?

These are the questions that the executive board of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC) grappled with during their June 16–18 meeting in Winnipeg.

“It is critical that the board review the mission and values on a regular basis,” says Paul Loewen, board chair, of the discussions that dominated the agenda. “A consensus is emerging throughout the constituency that we are about ‘reaching the lost in Canada for Christ.’ We will continue to work at articulating a clear, concise, and compelling vision statement of what we believe God is calling us to.”

“After spending Thursday evening in worship and prayer, seeking God’s presence and guidance for our work together as a board, I was pleased with what was accomplished on Friday to clarify our direction for the coming years,” says Willy Reimer, CCMBC executive director.

At the meeting, Gord Fleming, newly appointed director of church planting Canada (see below), was welcomed to the board, and presented his work on the C2C Network, a new initiative that envisions churches planted from coast to coast.

“We are delighted with the collaboration that is evolving with church planting across this country,” says Loewen. “The provinces of B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba have invited the partnership into a national effort – Gord’s appointment opens the way for this to take place more effectively.”

“Ewald Unruh worked for years to lay the foundation for a national strategy and plan,” says Reimer of the director of church ministries at CCMBC. “We are most grateful for his dedication to evangelism that made this possible.”

In other business, the board agreed to hire a consultant to assist Reimer in conducting an internal review of CCMBC’s operations; they considered next steps to increase the alignment between the board of faith and life (BFL) and the executive board; and they formally thanked John Wiebe, chief financial officer at CCMBC, and Ewald Unruh, director of church ministries at CCMBC, for providing leadership in the absence of an executive director in early 2011.

—Canadian Conference of MB Churches news release

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