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Employers honoured as Best Christian Workplaces

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Job satisfaction, organizational commitment, supervisory effectiveness, and teamwork are some criteria that evaluate a good workplace, whether Christian or secular.

The Best Christian Workplaces Institute works in conjunction with the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, using these criteria and more to help ministries get employee feedback. Each year, Best Christian Workplaces hands out awards for top performers, companies whose work environment innately reduces turnover and increases commitment.

The 2009 awards were the first to be measured against a constant benchmark and 2 Mennonite Brethren organizations, Waterloo (Ont.) MB Church and the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC), were among the top seven honoured.

To participate in the survey, an organization must have more than 10 employees (to ensure statistical accuracy), and an explicit Christian mission and/or purpose. The online survey has 50 questions ranked on a scale of 1–5, three open-ended questions, and can have up to five custom questions.

—Karla Braun

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