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DR Congo leaders learn to “know and live their faith”

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Leaders from all over Kinshasa, DR Congo, a city of 10 million, assembled at Yolo Sud Parish for training in teaching the ICOMB Confession of Faith in their congregations, July 12–14. Seminar facilitators were Nzuzi Mukawa, mission director for the CEFMC (Congo Mennonite Brethren conference); Pascal Kulungu, director of the Centre for Peacemaking and Good Governance; Garry Prieb, former missionary to Congo; and David Wiebe, ICOMB executive director. The event concluded with worship and the Lord’s Supper led by Wiebe, together with Prieb and outgoing CEFMC president Damien Pelende. Materials have been published in French, and more are forthcoming in Kikongo and Lingala (the main languages which serve the 100,000-member CEFMC).

—ICOMB release
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