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Dining under grace

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The public works of Krista Reimer

Vaglio UnframedKrista Reimer lives in Port Rowan, Ont., with her husband and two daughters, and is a member of Port Rowan MB Church. These two paintings, “Vaglio” and “Vineyard,” are part of a recent series commissioned for Acqua Italian Restaurant, opening soon near St. Catharines, Ont. The works are both quite large, at 7×5 and 6×3 ft.

As she prepared to finish “Vaglio,” Reimer spoke with restaurant owner Frank Basile. Together, they decided on a final touch for the painting – an image of Jesus in the sky, overlooking the village (from which the Basile family originated).

“Because my desire is to honour God with my artwork,” says Reimer, “I was excited about the final decision to include Jesus in the painting.” Now, Christ’s visage will also look lovingly upon patrons of the local eatery.

To see more of Krista’s artwork, go to www.kristareimer.ca.

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