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Scriptural understanding shines through text

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Believers Church Bible Commentary

Ernest D. Martin

Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 1993. 341 pp. $23.50

This fourth volume in the Believers Church Bible Commentary Series makes a valuable resource for Bible study and teaching.

Martin’s passion for scriptural understanding shines through the text. In his discussion of issues and ideas, he is able to navigate through some of the loftiest Christology in the New Testament and lead the reader in worship. His writings make me want to meet the man.

For those interested in preparing a teaching lesson for small group Bible study, the applications and insights make this volume very effective. The essays at the back are well done, concise and up-to-date. They provide meat for those who wish to engage in deeper study of the text or ideas.

Those who want a survey of the current trends in Pauline interpretation, or a discussion of the critical readings of the text should look elsewhere. Martin clearly intends to put the information within everyone’s grasp, and resolves whole debates in a phrase or two. Interestingly enough, he usually does it well, which may say something about the productivity of scholarly arguments.

Martin’s diagrams, synthesis and feel for the Greek nuances of the text give evidence of clear analysis and thoughtful recognition of patterns.

I would encourage all those who teach the writings of Paul to place this volume in their library.

—Rick Schellenberg, instructor at Bethany Bible Institute, Hepburn, Sask.

May 13, 1994

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