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Saskatchewan’s story: gains and losses

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Harold and Neoma Jantz

Harold and Neoma Jantz

Rooting the faith

Harold and Neoma Jantz
Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan

Harold and Neoma Jantz, both with roots in Saskatchewan, have collaborated to write an account of Mennonite Brethren in that province. For decades, this was Canada’s largest MB community and Saskatchewan MBs became the pioneers for much that was carried on elsewhere in Canada: starting the first schools, the first media ministry, the first camps, the first church planting organization, leading the first church-wide shift to the use of the English language.

Saskatchewan’s story is one of gains and losses: witness the 30 or so churches that survived of the more than 60 begun. Saskatchewan produced and exported scores of leaders, missionaries, educators, and contributors to many areas of church and public life. This history will interest many with roots in Saskatchewan. To order, email here.

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