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Letters August 2015

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Much to appreciate

Re “The God-bearing life…of a magazine” (Editorial, June). I’m saddened by the recent news about the changes to the MB
. I look forward to it each month. It is a way of knowing what’s happening in the bigger picture on both the local, provincial, national and international level. It’s a way of communicating the good news of salvation. I like to be informed, and sometimes the local church doesn’t quite live up to what it should do re the bigger picture. I like to know what’s happening at our post-secondary institutions. Also, Finish Lines tells us of faith stories that we can identify with or be inspired by.

Richard Krahn

Winkler, Man.

The value of a magazine

Re “The God-bearing life…of a magazine” (Editorial, June). How, if not through our publication, are we to communicate across miles, our differences or our roles in church life?

A denomination needs a visible means of communication to tell the church’s story and allow us to speak with one another and hold one another accountable. Through it, leaders address us all as a national community of believers, but by it people from the ranks can also speak to the leaders.

Being the church with one another is never clean or simple. It’s often messy. Being Christ followers to the world, joining in its mission, or facing issues and concerns, we need the contributions of many gifted people.

A periodical such as the Herald can help us maintain the linkages and facilitate the conversations that all of us need if we are truly to sense we are part of one another and share a common vision and identity. This is our periodical of record; this is where we can tell our ongoing story and maintain permanent record of our church’s story. This is where we nurture, encourage or teach one another.

Harold Jantz


A new direction?

Re “Unpacking the mission we all share” (Outfront, April). I read Willy Reimer’s article with interest. While I have no difficulty with the Great Commission and the missional theology it contains, I wonder if this purpose is new for the MB conference of Canada. Hasn’t missional theology always been part of the purposes of the conference?

John Friesen


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