All in All

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As pure as the lily that blooms in the spring,
As clean as the arctic snow,
As white as the breaker that breaks on the shore
Is the heart that is cleansed, I know.

As free as the wren as it flits through the air,
As keen as a child at play,
No longer I’m bound by the chains of sin,
I sing and rejoice all day.

As fragrant as roses is Jesus my Lord,
He sweetens each hallowed task,
The joy of His presence is heaven to me,
He’s more than I’d dare to ask.

My Shepherd, Redeemer, my Guide and my Friend,
Blest Savior I hear Thy call
My Counselor, Captain, my God and my life,
O Lord Thou art All in All.

by Roderick Campbell (Cam) Murdoch
Dec. 11, 1916–Nov. 17, 2012

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