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This monster restless, impatient and strong

Determinedly races and plunges along

Relentlessly sweeps along all in his path

Rushing and tumbling and speeding in wrath.


No trifling, no idling, no flirting does he

Onward and forward he strains at great speed

The stragglers are foolish, the lazy are wrong

Keep going; keep struggling and that with a song


I wearied in battle, I tried in strife

As hopelessly onward I dashed through this life

Until a respite there chanced to my lot

One greater I glimpsed, though not really I sought.

“The Master of Time –I” was His word to me.

“Time’s slave you have been, not so it should be.

Now sit down and rest,

Re-value your stance

I’ll show the way to use time for your chance”


“Time now is yours, to use as you choose.

Together we’ll walk, relax and refuse

To be pushed and cajoled into other men’s vice

But follow the Master’s clear plan for your life.”


Ah, refreshing, relaxing, so peaceful and calm

To trust Him and love Him and rest on His arm

The storms are still raging and time hurtles along

But smiling, contented, I live with His song.


—Henry P. Teigrob

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