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A softened heart for a leap of faith

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“The baptism tank is filled monthly now,” says WMB pastor Chris Stevens. “It is so exciting to see what Jesus is doing among us.”

My heart has continually been nudged as I learned about the KMB merger as a WMB board member. In the middle of meetings, my mind would be racing with ideas of how well my family could help. My husband Chris and I love connecting with youth and making new friends.

I sustained a concussion in May and needed to step off the board for the coming year. Although leaving anything I’ve committed to is not comfortable for me, I felt God had another plan for me and my family. However, every time I would bring up changing churches, my husband Chris quickly gave reasons why it wouldn’t be great for us.

During the AGM, after Chris listened first-hand to the KMB merger details, he turned with tears in his eyes and whispered that he trusted God’s plan.

God has a much bigger plan than we can ever imagine, and he works on our hearts. God took hold of Chris’ worries to give him peace to make a decision to move. I was overjoyed that we would be heading to KMB with our 2- and 5-year old boys.

With faith, we know that many new families and individuals will also come to KMB. We pray that over time we will help with God’s plan of what is to come in the future at KMB.

Beth Wolf

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