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A look at 2013

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The First Nations story in Canada has been gaining profile  in wider Canadian society, particularly since the first major national Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) event in Winnipeg in 2010. MBs are increasingly paying attention, with pastors and leaders attending the Montreal and Vancouver events in 2013. At the national church planter retreat, after a powerful presentation from Chief Kenny Blacksmith, CCMBC executive director Willy Reimer responds on behalf of Canadian MBs, asking for “forgiveness for how we’ve treated First Nation Peoples across the county – for our attitudes and actions.”


In 2011, MB Biblical Seminary Canada became an independent Canadian entity, separate from its founding institution in Fresno, Cal., but it had to rely on its membership in the ACTS Seminaries consortium to grant officially recognized degrees. Through a carefully managed chain of events that MBBS president Bruce Guenther calls “a miracle,” the school obtains its own degree-granting charter from the province of B.C., Mar. 13, 2013.


C2C Network continues to expand and adapt, hiring new national and regional staff, connecting North American church planters with first-century-church-style heroes of evangelism in Southeast Asia, and planting churches including one high profile location and one with a unique genealogy.


An EFC-sponsored study on young adults and church attendance sparks conversation and reflection on why young adults do or don’t go to church.  [weblink to, , .]


The Roman Catholic church sees all kinds of firsts as Benedict XVI resigns, a Jesuit – Francis I (nee Jorge Mario Bergoglio) – is appointed pope and immediately makes positive overtures toward evangelicals.

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