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A colossal harvest

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On a field south of Winkler, 200 combines harvested around 250 acres in just over 11 minutes, setting a Guinness World Record for “most combine harvesters working simultaneously on a single field.” Farmers came from 10 towns, as far as 100 kilometres away, to participate. The record-setting feat, accompanied by a day-long farm show, was intended to raise awareness for Children’s Camps International, started by Ray Wieler of Winkler MB Church (see “Camps growing in 5 countries,” Sept. 2009). Proceeds from sponsorship, advertising, and grain sales will support the work of CCI to train and equip leaders in 7 countries. An official Guinness World Records judge certified the event and presented a certificate. The previous record was 175, held by Combines for Charity in Ireland.

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