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Winner – fine art: Brothers

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Jessica Morgun
Title: Brothers, 30 X 26” – Charcoal on paper

“Brothers” is a picture of both love and struggle as the younger brother is mediating between tears and laughter in the rough embrace of his older sibling. This drawing was commissioned for a juried show exploring the theme of community. I chose to meditate on the struggles, rather than the joys, of living in community. Living in community can be difficult and painful, but in the end it is worth the risk.

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Jessica Morgun has lived most of her life in and around Saskatoon. In fall 2009, she moved with her husband and their two children to Vancouver to study at Regent College in the MCS Christianity and Arts program. Jessica’s work has been displayed at art shows in Saskatchewan and B.C., where she has also won awards. Jessica is part of the Urban Journey church community in the UBC/Dunbar area of Vancouver.

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