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Honourable mention fine art

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Robin Knox
Title: The Lions of
CarWash Rock

Robin Knox lives in Prince Rupert, B.C., where she and
her husband attend  Cornerstone MB Church.


Melissa Townsend 
Title: Inheritance: always enough

As children, we have memories being made around us moment by
moment. As adults, we realize that these memories form us. They
haunt us, distract us, make us cry, make us laugh, spring us forward,
and hold us back. This drawing/painting reflects a celebration of
all these experiences together. This piece also illustrates instances
like forgiveness and moving forward to discover your purpose, and
knowing that hope is always on the other side. The splatters represent
Jesus’ blood, sacrifice, and love – history, destiny, and  the essence
of truth.

Melissa Townsend is an emerging artist in Gateway
Community Church, Lower Sackville, N.S. This piece is part
of a series titled “Finding Home.”

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