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What have we said about this before?

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Dig out those dusty back copies from your basement, or click below to see feature articles on creation published in the Herald over the last 50 years.

May 2009

There’s junk at this end of the journey,” John Regehr, page 8–9.

Jan. 11, 2002

      Dying with dignity

Dec. 21, 2001

A song to die by,” Lillian Giesbrecht, page 4.

July 17, 1998

“Parish nursing concept revived,” Peter Woelk, page 16.

Apr. 19, 1996

A time to die

May 2, 1986

Dying, death and funerals,” Herb Kopp, page 11.

Apr. 23, 1982

Moving to the side of the bed,” Wally Kroeker, page 12–13.

Apr. 15, 1976

Aging with dignity,” David O Moberg, page 7–8.

Nov. 28, 1975

Euthanasia – is it a good death?” Jennie Oblengarm and Ella Heslinga, page 2–4.

When death comes,” J. Allen Brubacher, page 5.

From the BFL pamphlet series:

Death and Dying: A Christian Perspective,” Roland Marsch

Euthanasia and the Sanctity of Life,” Robert Pankratz, Walter Unger

From Direction Journal, Vol. 21 No. 1

Compassion: Infiltrating the Profession of Nursing,” Evangeline Truex, pages 52–63

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