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Students sew generously, reap satisfaction

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“I heard about MCC and the baby kits in church, but I thought it was just [for] older people,” said Eliza Urbina, Grade 10. “I never thought that I could do it too.”

This year, Waldheim home economics teacher Marla Laskowski assigned layettes for MCC’s infant care kits as class sewing projects for Grade 8 and 10 students. The kits include a layette of two gowns, two undershirts, four cloth diapers, and one receiving blanket. Last year, MCC distributed almost 14,000 kits in Haiti, Ukraine, Bosnia, and other countries.

Laskowski likes to use this project to teach basic hemming and seam finishing skills because there are no additional expenses and no time restrictions. All items are pre-cut and pre-packaged by volunteers in the MCC Saskatchewan Centre.

Rather than complete a personal project this year, Grade 10 student Katelyn Siemens (pictured with Laskowski above) will sew another layette for an MCC infant care kit. “I’m enjoying this, but the main thing is that I’m helping families.”

—Gladys Terichow, writer, MCC Canada

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