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Stewardship staff transitions

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In early July, the Canadian conference announced the permanent layoff of four of its stewardship representatives, with the fifth retiring at the end of July.

CCMBC recently restructured its financial ministries, which included the launch of a new entity called CCMBC Legacy Investments Inc. (See “Conference restructures financial ministries, presents budget”). These changes led to a new regulatory environment, including certification requirements for employees. As such, all five stewardship representatives will cease to serve the Mennonite Brethren constituency by the end of summer 2014.

Executive director Willy Reimer gratefully acknowledged the contributions of Al Thiessen (who served 15 years), Ben Wohlgemut (7 years), David Leung (9 years), Lorne Willms (3 years), and Lloyd Reimer (who served 11 years and retired on July 31).

“In the more than four decades this team has collectively served, these men have touched and equipped countless people, helping them see that God owns everything and that he invites his people to worship him through generous and faithful stewardship,” says Reimer.

In August 2013, following the resignation of CFO John Wiebe, the stewardship representatives moved under the leadership of L2L director Ron Toews. However, due to the review of CCMBC’s financial ministries, the men found  their roles in flux and were unable to have their customary conversations with donors. 

“This hasn’t been an easy ten months for the stewardship reps. Yet, even as the landscape was changing around them, these brothers remained eager to serve and continued in ministry to the best of their ability,” says Toews. “Please pray for these men as they transition into a new phase of life, asking God to guide them to new and meaningful ministry.”

The CCMBC finance team continues its search for a new CFO, while maintaining its commitment to providing mortgages for churches and pastoral staff through CCMBC Legacy Investments Inc. Conference staff continue to provide ongoing deposit services for members.

—CCMBC release

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