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Shared statements endorsed

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It was a historic moment when the delegate body at Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada’s annual meeting, held in Winnipeg in November, endorsed seven foundational statements to guide the work of MCC, the final of the 12 MCC entities to do so.

Arli Klassen, executive director of MCC binational (Canada and the U.S.), said the statements represent the first time these 12 entities have expressed a shared vision. “It is a sense of coming together in unity and affirmation of what God calls us to do. The statements bring new clarity that will inspire MCC’s work in the name of Christ. That is powerful, very powerful,” said Klassen.

The statements, also referred to as the “new wine,” were developed through a re-visioning and restructuring process called New Wine/New Wineskins: Reshaping MCC for the 21st Century. They articulate MCC’s identity, purpose, vision, priorities, approaches, values and convictions. The recommendations for a new structure are still in the development stages.

The full MCC foundational statements are at http://newwineskins.mcc.org.

Gladys Terichow is a writer for MCC Canada.

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