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Quebec volunteers put the pieces together

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MCC quilt“It gives me a lot of joy to do this,” says Manon Desjardins, a volunteer in the MCC Quebec material resource centre in suburban Montreal, as she knots quilts. “Maybe someday I will work in an orphanage, but for now I’m touching a little part of my dream.”

In 2009, MCC Quebec expanded its material resource centre – now located on the second floor of Église Chrétienne Évangélique de Saint-Eustache – to provide space for congregations to work together to make blankets and assist with preparation of MCC kits. Currently, all volunteers are from the Saint-Eustache (MB) church.

Jeanne-Mance Bolduc began coming to the work sessions because she wanted to learn how to sew.

Marie Marthe St. Cyr first came to Canada as a visitor from Haiti in 1980 and became a permanent resident of Canada in 1986. “I do this because I want to send something to people in poor countries,” she says.

The French expression, rendre l’utile à l’agréable, guides Johanne Rochon’s thinking when she sews blankets for people in need. “It has to be nice and useful at the same time,” says the retired school teacher.

—Gladys Terichow, MCC Canada

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