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Music is “thought-calming”

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Authentic Productions, in association with Communitas Supportive Care Society, 2008

Trust, the second album from gemma, is a warm, gentle walk through the music of Taizé. With harp, panflute, violin, and gentle percussion, Trust has a Celtic-inspired sound, but expect emotive and peaceful music rather than jigs and reels.

Cathy Hardy’s pure, bell-like voice and the peaceful sounds of Karin Dart’s symphonic harp combine to make Trust as much a meditation as a collection of songs. I felt gently guided through the stages of calm, quiet reflection with a wash of simple, repetitive tones. It wasn’t as much thought-provoking as it was thought-calming. As such, this CD would serve well for personal devotions or a communal spiritual gathering – a time when you, perhaps together with others, set some time aside to slow down, pray, and be still.

Living slowly, simply, and in quiet communion with God is at the heart of the Taizé tradition to which Trust contributes, and from which it takes its inspiration.

The Taizé community began in 1940 when Roger Schultz dropped out of theology school to help refugees and orphans during World War II in Taizé, France. Now, it is an intentional community with outposts around the globe, ministering primarily to youth. Today, more than 100,000 young adults a year visit Taizé to meditate, learn, and participate in the careful, simple, yet beautiful music that emerges from this tradition.

Karin Dart and Cathy Hardy, along with all the talented collaborators – several from Highland Community Church, Abbotsford – that help make up gemma, add to this nearly 70-year-old tradition with their restful, contemplative music.

Heather Pauls Murray plays piano and lever harp, and works as a professional writer in Vancouver.

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