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Meet the Board of Faith and Life

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The board of faith and life (BFL) provides spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living, and upholds biblical and ethical integrity through the MB Confession of Faith. The BFL also provides resources (e.g. pamphlet series) and events (e.g. study conferences and pastors credentialing orientation).—Eds.

Name: Ralph Gliege
Position: Saskatchewan conference minister
On the board since: 1999
“Day job”: director of church ministries, Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches
Church: Living Hope Church, Saskatoon
Family: married to Grace (40 years this summer); 2 married adult children; 3 grandchildren.
Most important theological issue facing MBs today: Holding tightly to biblical purpose and purity but holding loosely our judgments and biases.

Vidya Narimalla
Position: Ontario representative
On the board since: 2008
“Day job”: pastor at Kitchener (Ont.) MB Church
Family: married to Gwen; 2 adult children
Why I think theology is important: Theology is a compass with many directions, but it always points to Jesus as the truth.
Favourite theologian: Ravi Zacharias: he has the gift of engaging Western thinking with a clear biblical message.

Name: Brent Hudson
Position: Member-at-large
On the board since: Jan. 2010
“Day job”: pastor at River of Life MB Church, Riverview, N.B.
Family: married to Lise; 3 children
Why I think theology is important: The most fundamental questions human beings have about identity, life, and purpose find their answer in Christ as revealed in Scripture. Without sound, biblically based, Christocentric theology, our Confession of Faith will become a static historical artifact instead of a living expression of belief for this generation.
Favourite theologians: Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright

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