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Meet the Board of Faith and Life

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The board of faith and life (BFL) provides spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living, and upholds biblical and ethical integrity through the MB Confession of Faith. The BFL also provides resources (e.g. pamphlet series) and events (e.g. study conferences and pastors credentialing orientation).—Eds
Name: Lorraine Dick
Position: Member-at-large, chair
On the board since: 2006
“Day job”: pastor (currently unemployed)
Church: South Langley MB Church, Langley, B.C.
Family: single; 6 nieces and nephews
Why theology is important: Theology is our grounding – and while the word “theology” may not be so popular, it is still the work that we have to do as we follow Jesus.

Name: Keith Poysti
Position: Manitoba conference minister
On the board since: 2005
“Day job”: Manitoba conference minister
Church: Eastview Community Church, Winnipeg
Family: married to Heidi; 3 children; 2 grandchildren
Most important theological issue facing MBs today: How do our roots in the Anabaptist radical reformation and our MB church renewal beginnings inform and fuel change within the MB church today?
Favourite theologian: Currently, N.T. Wright

Name: Paul Doerksen
Position: Manitoba representative
On the board since: 2006
“Day job”: biblical studies teacher at MBCI, Winnipeg; sessional lecturer
Family: married to Julie; 3 daughters
Why theology is important: At bottom, theology is important because God is important.
Favourite theologian: Karl Barth

Name: Doug Berg
Position: MBBS representative
On the board since: 2008
“Day job”: associate professor of leadership studies and associate dean of administration at MBBS-ACTS, Langley, B.C.
Church: Northview Community Church, Abbotsford, B.C.
Family: married to Lil; 3 married sons; 7 grandchildren
Most important theological issue facing MBs today: Identifying the theological glue that holds MBs together.
Favourite theologian: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Correction: We blundered on reporting Ken Peters’ words in last month’s profile. Under “favourite theologian,” it should have read: “to call him my favourite theologian might be stretching it, but I enjoy Miroslav Volf.”

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