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Health care workers to confer at Paraguay 2009

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How do we follow the way of Jesus Christ in the health field? Health care workers of Anabaptist faith from around the world will discuss their mission as Christian medical practitioners July 15–16 in Paraguay, in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference Assembly 15.

“This will be a very important opportunity to interact with our peers from many cultures,” says Sam Showalter, executive secretary of Mennonite Medical Association.

Health care professionals have played major roles in Anabaptist missions around the world as well as in their homelands. In Paraguay, Mennonites founded the renowned leprosy hospital, Km 81, east of Asunción, where leprosy patients receive innovative treatment and are reintegrated into the community.

There is no extra charge for Assembly 15 registrants, but participants must register in advance by emailing medicos.menonitas@gmail.com.


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