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Foodgrains Bank Responding to Crisis in Gaza Strip

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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is responding to the needs of people in the Gaza Strip through its member Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

“Many people in Gaza are going through a period of great traumatization and deprivation,” says Foodgrains Bank International Programs Director Barbara Macdonald.

A September 4 United Nations OCHA report calculates that 18,000 homes in Gaza have been destroyed or severely damaged in the latest fighting  between Israel and Hamas, directly displacing 108,000 Palestinian people.

“Gaza is a very poor region, and many people were in need before the conflict began. The conflict has led to further deprivation,” adds Macdonald.

Many households are struggling to access the food they need.

The Foodgrains Bank, through MCC, is providing food baskets to 460 vulnerable families, compromised of about 3,220 people, on a monthly basis for eight months. The project is also providing basic kitchen utensils for families.

“This is a sad and frustrating conflict for all involved,” says Macdonald. “We invite Canadians to join with us in prayer for a lasting and peaceful end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict once and for all.”

–Amanda Thorsteinsson, communications officer

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