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Five Questions

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Church: The Gathering

Pastoral team: Chris Stevens, lead pastor, Ottawa; and Jason Williamson, lead pastor, Kanata


Where does your congregation meet?

Two sites, both Catholic schools, in Ottawa and Kanata, Ont.

What is your church’s mission statement?

Developing outwardly focused people filled with the presence of Jesus who are impacting the city of Ottawa. Our dream is to have one church in many locations.

How would you describe your congregation?

A young, newly developing congregation of mostly new believers in an affluent and highly educated community.

What makes your church unique?

We have 6 guiding principles.

1. Genuine relationships with Christ: “question.think.grow.”
2. Authentic relationship with our community: our dream is to be a GOOD (Get Out Of Doors) church.
3. Spiritual relationships in our families: the spiritually mature pass the baton of faith down to the next generation.
4. Home church: real church is not about facing the same direction while watching a paid professional – it’s about facing one another, and being real about our faith walk.
5. Simplifying life: we focus on one major topic a month, with all programs on the same subject each week.
6. Barnabas Awards: 9 encouragement awards to people inside and outside the church who exhibit the fruits of the Spirit in a way that enhances other people’s lives.

What is the significance of your name?

Contrary to the epigraph on our $5 bill, we want to show that real life happens wherever we gather in the Lord’s name: at the hockey rink, the classroom, or the church.

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