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Finding God amid a successful career

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Stories-we-live-by-613x366We all model our lives on stories we’ve heard and the people who exist in those stories. There are, of course, the biblical accounts of God’s people and Jesus. But there are also stories closer to home. The stories of our parents, grandparents, or people we hear about often make a profound impact on who we are and what we work at becoming.
This series looks at some of those stories as told by people within out Canadian Mennonite Brethren church family.

David Leung was born in Hong Kong. As a teenager, he moved to the U.S., where he attended the University of Minnesota. He was an excellent student and obtained a number of degrees, including a bachelor of computer science, an MBA and CPA in the U.S., and a CA and CMC (Certified Management Consultant) in Canada.

At 25, he was offered a senior position with one of the largest international consulting firms in Regina. Whereas some people become Christians during traumatic low points in their lives, David’s experience was the opposite. Life was going so well for him that he asked the question, “What’s the meaning of this life and why am I so blessed?” Through the influence of a high school buddy he accepted Christ, and in 1979 became a baptized member at Regina Chinese Alliance Church.

During a business trip to B.C., David saw the mountains and ocean, and was immediately hooked by the scenery. He moved to Vancouver. For the next 22 years, he held executive positions with several management consulting and technology companies, including president of a subsidiary of one of Canada’s largest corporations.

It was in B.C. where he met Ruth Chan, daughter of Rev. Stephen Chan, former senior pastor of Richmond Chinese Alliance Church and Richmond Chinese Mennonite Brethren Church. They married and subsequently became part of the Mennonite Brethren church.

David had the utmost respect for his father-in-law. David learned from Rev. Chan to live joyfully, with a lifestyle of simplicity. It was a good lesson, since David was fortunate to enjoy the benefits of material success. He learned to keep the spiritual and material parts of his life in balance. Throughout David’s career, the words of his father-in-law served him well.

In 1995, Rev. Chan suffered a major heart attack. Doctors took him off life support, but miraculously, he survived. The event verified David’s faith. Prayers could be answered.

When David was in his late 40s, his mom suffered a massive stroke and he decided to quit his job. It was a soft landing, in that he got out of the technology field during the peak of the business cycle. He prayed for God to show him where to go next. He hoped to use his experience in ministry.

In 2005, Al Thiessen invited David to join the Stewardship Ministries department of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches. David came on board as a provincial representative and was credentialed as a pastor in 2007. His financial wisdom and business expertise have helped many individuals and churches discover how to be better stewards of God’s resources.

Today he works not only among Chinese-speaking Mennonite Brethren, but also with young adults. His passion is to develop leadership and stewardship skills in the next generation.

David is quick to give God praise. He notes that the Lord has blessed him in his family and career. “I started well, married well, and hope to finish well.”


Ken Reddig is retiring this month as director of the Centre for MB Studies,Winnipeg.

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