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Conference response to survey

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In response to The Future of our Pastors

As a ministry of CCMBC, L2L is committed to walking with existing and potential pastors through times of discernment, tenure and transition in taking steps toward fruitful and fulfilling ministry that will positively impact pastoral retention among CCMBC congregations. In partnership with others, here are some of the steps we’re taking:

During the discernment phase

→ Develop and implement processes and tools to help discern and encourage pastoral gifts and strengths.

→ Develop and offer resources and best practices in equipping pastoral search teams and discernment processes.

→ Develop and implement a seamless, national credentialing process that spans provincial boundaries and practices that will make the tracking of pastoral impact and challenges possible while safeguarding privacy of pastors and congregations.

During the pastor’s tenure

→ Equip and train the pastor, congregation and church leadership on church systems and how to lead in their particular structure.

→ Equip and empower the congregation and church leadership on building and sustaining a supportive environment for the pastor and his/her family to thrive.

→ Provide templates and processes for monitoring written ministry descriptions that clearly spell out the expectations of the pastoral staff, congregation and church leadership, including regular written evaluations of all involved.

→ Equip and train pastors, congregations and church leadership in dealing with conflicts productively and be available to provide conflict resolution and mediation where needed.

During the pastor’s transition

→ Develop and provide resources to pastors, congregations and church leadership on a clear transition process.

→ Equip pastors, congregations and church leadership on the nature and benefits of intentional succession and transitional ministry.

→ Provide equipping opportunities for pastors in intentional transitional ministry.

→ Develop ways of tracking the needs of churches for transitional ministry and supply pastors equipped in transitional ministry for the purpose of helping to discern potential connections.

→ Develop and implement processes, personnel and resources to assist leaders and churches during times of pastor transition.

Future research

→ We also recognize that future research needs to include focus on the pastor’s spouse. We must discern how best to support him/her and gain his/her perspective on how to enhance the pastor’s ministry experiences.

—L2L is the leadership development arm of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches. Visit l2lnet.org to access their library of resources and learn how to contact staff. 

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