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Candace House: A healing haven

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Candace House executive director

Cecilly Hildebrand visits with guests at Candace House.

Candace House opened in November 2018, less than a block from the Law Courts building in Winnipeg. A long-cherished dream of the Derksens’, this homey space is an escape for the families of victims who are going through trial.

“The courthouse is not a warm place,” says executive director Cecilly Hildebrand. “A trial is emotionally and physically

The first of its kind, Candace House provides a private place – including kitchen, bathroom, living area – to process some of
that in a space that feels like home.

Within days of opening, a family from out of town who were involved in a trial stopped by and spent several hours. Candace House is now part of our family, they said as they left.

“We’ve done it,” says Hildebrand as she relates the story. She hopes the “healing haven” will help something beautiful come
out of the pain that enters.

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