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Canada to accept 13,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq

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Canada will accept another 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next 3 years and another 3,000 Iraqis in 2015. Immigration Minister Chris Alexander expects 60 percent will come through private sponsors, such as church groups.

Mennonite Central Committee national migration and resettlement coordinator Brian Dyck says, “We are prepared to help our churches resettle more vulnerable refugees to Canada. We hope the Canadian government will continue to support relief efforts in the region and to work with the UNHCR and other states to use resettlement as a tool to help bring regional stability. Along with our partners in the region, we pray for peace.”

Canada has so far resettled 20,000 Iraqis and since mid-2013, welcomed 1,060 Syrian refugees, who, at more than 3.7 million, comprise the largest refugee population aside from Palestinians.

—Globe and Mail, councilofchurches.ca

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