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Board of faith and life moves forward

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From issues of abortion, pornography, and theology, to reviewing church health and envisioning Study Conference 2009, the Board of Faith and Life (BFL) met October 3–4 to discuss it all.

The main focus of the meetings, said Lorraine Dick, new chairperson for the BFL, was to prepare the vision and values for the next study conference and hear about what’s happening in churches across Canada from provincial conference ministers. An “environmental scan” of the conference revealed that although each province is facing its own set of struggles, leaders are finding new ways to enable more reaching out and reproduction in churches.

The board also reviewed pastoral concerns relating to the decade-old Canadian conference church planting program called Key Cities Initiative (KCI), talked about the newly approved Regenerate 21-01 initiative, and discussed plans to create theologically based statements for healthy churches and leaders within the new year.

“We continue to look forward, while responding to issues of the past,” said Dick.

Study Conference 2009 will be held in Saskatoon, October 15–17, 2009. The official topic has yet to be determined, but it will follow the broader theme of Christology, indicated Dick. A smaller group of board members will meet in November to narrow down the specific topic. Interested attendees can “anticipate a blended study, both academic and practical,” said David Wiebe, executive director of the Canadian conference.

The process for writing BFL pamphlets will continue to be reviewed in 2009. The series covers more than 20 topics ranging from the basic beliefs of Anabaptism to Christian marriage in the world. One additional topic under discussion for publication is abortion. A non-pamphlet document, “Guidelines for the Restoration of Pastors Addicted to Pornography,” is scheduled for release soon.

BFL, a ministry of the Canadian conference, meets three times a year to discuss issues relating to faith, ethics, doctrine, theology, and living the Christian life, and provides spiritual guidance to the Canadian conference, local MB churches, and church leaders, staff, and members.

—CCMBC news release

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