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Artist moves to rhythms of grace

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Cyndi Koshowski created this piece of artwork during a Sunday morning worship service.

Cyndi Koshowski created this piece of artwork during a Sunday morning worship service.

Painting created during worship service blesses family

“I love how something that I’m doing on stage through worship is able to connect with someone watching,” says Cyndi Koshowski. “It is truly a humbling and amazing experience.”

Koshowski expressed her worship to God by creating a painting on stage at her church, The Meeting Place (TMP), Winnipeg, during the corporate singing set, Oct. 6, 2013. “So many of the lyrics were resonating with me from the song ‘Rhythms of Grace’ [Hillsong],” says Koshowski, who knew the set list in advance and prepared some preliminary sketches.

With a repeated chorus of “There’s none beside you, God,” the song includes the lines, “You’re there in the dark of the night/While holding the sun and its light.” Koshowski says, “As I listened and asked God to show me his painting, an idea took shape.”

After the service, Lisa Easton said, “I got tingles from my head to my toes,” as she watched Koshowski paint, and Easton asked to buy the canvas for her daughter Grace who loves to dance.

Delighted by how “it was meant to speak into their lives,” Koshowski gave her the painting for a donation to the church for the cost of supplies.

Several times a year, TMP holds a “Sing a New Song” Sunday when “we introduce a bulk of new songs that resonate with who we are as a congregation,” says worship pastor Jamie Niven. “This Sunday offers itself to do things differently because the focus on worship allows us to include other mediums” – such as artwork.

“With someone like Cyndi, you can tell [painting] is an act of worship; she’s responding to God in a way that connects with her,” says Niven. “Knowing the lyrics, seeing the painting – it’s beautiful how the two go hand-in-hand.”

Koshowski communicates her love of Jesus by teaching art to students aged 4–16 at Masterworks Studio (a ministry of Youth for Christ, Winnipeg). “I’ve been able to combine my love for youth ministry with my love for art in ways I never would have dreamed possible,” she says.

—Karla Braun

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