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5 Questions: The Dwelling Place

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Church name: The Dwelling Place
Pastor: Ingrid Reichard
Location: Kitchener, Ont.

What is your mission statement?

To be a tangible witness and agent of God’s kingdom by
• loving God,
• loving one another,
• loving our neighbours in Victoria Hills and around the world.

What makes your church unique?

We have been invited to be long-term tenants in a City of Kitchener community centre. The facility and relationships with the city staff are a great blessing. We also have a strong sense of calling to the Victoria Hills neighbourhood, a multicultural and multi-economic community in Kitchener.

What was the defining moment for your congregation?

It was the Sunday in January 2007 when we moved into the newly expanded community centre (previously we had met in a local school). We now feel like we are in the heart of the community, better able to partner with other local churches and community groups. Around the same time, we committed to obedience through a prayer which is now part of our membership process. The prayer declares that we are individually and collectively available to God for his glory.

How would you describe your church?

We are humble, small, faithful, community-minded, able to walk through adversity without losing heart, caring, and focused on our mission.

What does it mean for your church to be evangelical Anabaptist?

Being an instrument of God’s peace and justice to the neighbours around us, whoever they may be, including the many refugees who are part of our church family.


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