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Update on Multiply’s General Director Transition


Dear MB pastors and leaders across the U.S. and Canada, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work together with you in taking the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. 

As you are aware, a new Multiply board was installed at the end of 2020. When we began, we didn’t know each other but came together committed to one goal; to serve Multiply to the best of our ability. For the past 5 months we have endeavoured to understand more about God’s heart for Multiply and all the various aspects of our role including the implementation of recommendations that the Task Force presented last year. Prior to making decisions, we have committed to pray over our meetings, do the necessary research, and take adequate time. In light of that, I want to update you on two actions the Board is taking toward implementing the Task Force recommendations in the area of ‘Leadership’. First, we are announcing that our search process for a new General Director is now public with an application deadline of Friday, May 28, 2021

We are looking for a leader with a vibrant, Spirit-filled life to take on the role of General Director for our organization and to serve as the most senior officer and principal spiritual leader. A committed servant leader with cross-cultural intelligence, global mission and disciple-making experience, who fosters healthy stakeholder relationships with authenticity, inspiration, integrity, wisdom and humility. The General Director we are seeking has strong organizational and strategic leadership gifts as well as solid business acumen and a deep appreciation for the power of networks and interdependence. The life of this leader demonstrates a strong commitment to Jesus, God’s Word, listening prayer and the ability to disciple others as followers of Christ through engaging and shepherding leadership. If you, or someone you know, may be this person, then please read our posting for this position at multiply.net/GD.

Secondly, we have agreed that now is the right time for Randy to finish his transition role as General Director and that his many years of service with Multiply will end, as of April 15. The board and Randy recognize the need for a clean transition process that allows the new General Director to orient well to the Multiply family without distraction. Vic Wiens, one of our veteran missionaries and ICOMB Liaison, will provide interim coordination to the Exec Team and serve as a liaison to the Multiply board. In this regard, Randy has expressed the following thoughts:

“It has been an incredible privilege to serve the MB family and Multiply in global mission over the past 31 years, including the past 17 years as General Director of Multiply.  Together, we have mobilized thousands into discipleship training programs, resourced new church planting locations, and equipped local churches to partner in mission.  I want to thank the incredible team of Multiply staff, board, missionaries and national partners for their support, dedication and example to me of what it means to “live on mission”. I also want to thank our MB church family in North America and ICOMB for your ongoing investment in mission through sending, receiving, praying and giving!  The best is yet to come!” – Randy Friesen

On behalf of the Multiply Board I want to express our gratitude for Randy’s posture during this transition time.  Randy’s commitment to walk in submission to the Lord and the authority of the conferences, in addition to his godly character, has been an example for us all.  We want to commend Randy for an extraordinary career spent investing in the lives of countless people around the world. We pray that the next season in Randy’s ministry will continue to be one of increased fruitfulness. 

The Board is continuing to walk out the Task Force recommendations in ways that honor God, and strengthens the foundation for the continued growth of church planting and mission partnership. We are grateful for how our partners and churches have continued to actively support the work of mission and that more people are coming to know Jesus. The organization is fruitful, stable and in a good financial position moving forward.

Please continue to be in prayer with us and for us, so that together, we may see disciples growing, churches multiplying, communities transformed and nations impacted with the Good News of Jesus. 

David MacLean
Board Chair, MULTIPLY Network


Fred Pauls April 18, 2021 - 16:56

Why is this letter from the board of MULTIPLY addressed to: “Dear MB pastors and leaders across the U.S. and Canada”? Why aren’t the members of the churches included in this letter?

Daniel Lichty April 20, 2021 - 19:04

Hello Fred,

I’ll respond on behalf of Multiply. Thank you for your question – I can see how this would be cause for misunderstanding. The first iteration of the letter was addressed to “MB pastors and leaders” as a means to disseminate the announcement and yet the letter itself was intended for the broader MB family. This is the version that was supplied to the MB Herald, and which has been published here. The salutation in the letter posted on the Multiply website at multiply.net/about#leadership begins with “Dear MB family”. We will try to be clearer in future communication that these announcement are intended for all church members as well.


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