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Rice & chocolate die, Hope lives on


To eradicate illicit crops, May 10, the Colombian government fumigated the Choco region without warning, destroying most, if not all, food crops in the region, including those of Weaving Hope. Run by the regional MB church, Weaving Hope is an alternative crops project supporting more than 200 families to cultivate and process food such as rice and cacao (for chocolate), fostering peace and community development. The MB church is seeking government compensation for those whose crops were destroyed and asking for prayer and solidarity from the global Anabaptist family.


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PHILLFIRE August 1, 2013 - 14:46

…well this looks like the workings of the good old NWO, doing there thing…along w// the MONSANTO gang,they will try to DESTROY,any person// group or community fr becoming self efficient…yes indeed they did a very good job ,, starting in the 60/ sixies of destroying my culture of mixed farming ,here in CANADA….now they have already INVADED even PARAGUAY w// there evil GMO crops and seed,who will STOP them !!!…am glad PERU has told them, they r not welcome….so ihope and pray that church people will wake up fr there luke warmness// slumber and show the world that there is a LINE that REAL BELIEVERS will stand on…and will not be moved from anymore..will these people now,hear the BATTLE CRY…and start holding//keeping the line of truth…no more lies will be tolerated…enough is enough !!!

PHILLFIRE August 1, 2013 - 17:42

…am also curious, about the title given to this posting..news item here….”’ , Hope lives on ” what SPIN has the Colombia officials given, what hope to the landowners have they offered, after destroying there crops for no reason…no good reason that is…am sure they had a good reason to meet there GAME PLAN….and we know the plan…


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