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Resilient Leadership: Praying against burnout

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Six factors contribute to burnout: autonomy, connection, reward, equity, workload, and values. Below are prayers for each of the six areas to remain or become healthy as leaders.


This area, in particular, has been challenged throughout the pandemic. Constant change and loss of decision-making power can make people feel little control.

Prayer: God, show me where I have autonomy and how to embrace it for full effectiveness. Reveal where I am grasping for control of something only you can control. Help me relinquish these areas to you.


We are relational people who desire connection. The pandemic has dramatically decreased the amount of contact in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. This decrease has caused a lot of mental health difficulties both in our own lives and those around us.

Prayer: God, please show me where I need connection in my life and who to reach. Would you please show me how to reach out to those who are lonely and afraid? Please restore deep connections for me, my family, church, and community.


Leaders have had to change how we communicate with those we lead, how we run programs, reach out to our communities, and change how we do just about everything. We need to feel our work has meaning, where the reward comes in.

Prayer: God, you know the extra work and effort I have put in this year. You know the challenges and setbacks. Please let my identity be fully rooted in you even as I partner with you for your kingdom. Please show me how I can experience solace in your presence and reward in your rest.


Equity speaks to the equality, or lack of equality, we experience. Equity can relate to race, gender, ability, and more. We have seen vital issues rise to the surface over the last two years substantially.

Prayer: God, please show me where I have privilege and where I seek equity for myself and others. How can I be a voice and a change-maker for those who lack equity? Please open my eyes to those around me.


Leaders of all types have put in extra work throughout the pandemic. It is time to evaluate what is most important in light of our mission and vision and what we can let go of.

Prayer:  God, show me how to be productive and effective when working and shut off to restore when I am not. Please show me what is necessary and what is not. Please teach me when to take time off from work to rejuvenate.


Conflicting values are a significant source of exhaustion for many leaders. Whether in the church or the marketplace, when we align our values with the values of the organization we work for, we have a better chance of thriving.

Prayer:  God, you know my heart. Please show me how to align my values with the values of my organization, and ultimately with your values. Please help me keep my eyes on the prize and remember why you have called me to this work.

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