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Refreshing approach to faith

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Fan the Flame: Meditations for Spiritual Direction
Rob Des Cotes
Clements Publishing, 2006

Fan the Flame is a collection of short meditations that invites readers to reflect gently and intentionally on their relationship with God. Rob des Cotes, a spiritual director and pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Vancouver, looks contemplatively at well-known Scripture passages and gives a depth of insight into the life of transformation Christ offers.

Embracing the wisdom of the Christian contemplative tradition both past and present, as well as his own experience, des Cotes focuses on the intimate, often mysterious encounters of God in one’s life. His meditations encourage an awareness of the presence of the holy in the ordinariness of life. He writes with language familiar to the contemplative life, which welcomes those on the fast track of doing and striving to slow down, listen, and be attentive. Gender specific language for God is noticeable but not overwhelming.

Rob des Cotes is affiliated with the Mennonite Brethren conference in B.C. through Imago Dei, a network of faith communities that nurtures a life of prayer and transformation. His contemplative approach to faith is refreshing. This book is a helpful guide for individual, one-with-one, or group use, and I heartily recommend it.

Wilma Wiens enjoys her work in spiritual direction, growing food on the Wiens shared farm, and part-time study. She is a member of Fourth Avenue Bible Church (MB) in Niverville, Man.

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