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Out of the woods for camp directors

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Director couples from the six B.C. MB conference camps gathered in early winter for a two-day “recess” at Abbotsford’s Mark Centre. They heard that the use of camp ministry in B.C. continues to be strong, and support for the province’s newer camps is growing, both in enrollment and financial help.

B.C. conference camping ministries director Merv Boschman said the meeting provided a good time of sharing, relaxing, and planning for the upcoming camping season. He said it’s important to get together to meet and encourage one another, because the nature of the job tends to keep directors tied to their work sites.

“Too often,” he said, “it is easy for camp director couples to become isolated from others. Their work can become their church – and they need fellowship and sharing opportunities just like everyone else.” The conference facilitated the retreat with that thought in mind.

B.C.’s camping ministries continue to thrive. Supporters are emerging to help fund needed facilities, especially at newer camps. The newest facility, Camp Likely (near Likely, B.C., in Cariboo country), has recently received two major contributions, allowing work to proceed on new cabins at the site.

—Barrie McMaster

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