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On the Holy Spirit

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The Spirit is the believer’s seal…. There is great comfort here, for the Spirit’s presence in our lives is the guarantee that God in the last day will acknowledge us as his own, and that he will preserve us through the trials and vicissitudes of this life until the day of final redemption dawns.

[David Ewert, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament


The Spirit makes everything of Jesus. The Spirit-filled believer does the same…. The most reliable evidence of the Spirit’s working in a congregation is obedience to Christ resulting in holy lives and sacrificial service.

[Walter Unger, “Thinking clearly about the Holy Spirit,” MB Herald, March 2008


When the Spirit of God begins a work in any place, let’s not be among those who scoff or cast doubt. The Lord of the Church is sovereign and he does not ask us where he can do a work of renewal.

[Harold Jantz, “The Visit of Pope John Paul II,” MB Herald, Sept. 7, 1984


The Spirit [is our] greatest ally in overcoming the natural forces within [us], which, if given free reign can only destroy [us]. The Spirit is that agent who makes of prayer more than a formal ritual, making it in fact the expression of our deepest being, even of those feelings which we cannot ourselves express.

[The Witness of the Holy Spirit study guide to the Eighth Mennonite World Conference (1967)


For twenty centuries the fire of the Holy Spirit has rested on the church. It has never gone out even though the vessel containing the fire has become marred and blemished. It has moved from one locale to another, going where it wills, setting aflame once again a people grown cold.

[Herb Kopp, MB Herald editorial, June 12, 1987


The Mennonite Brethren are not nearly all they would like to be. They would like to reflect more fully the characteristics of the New Testament church: to be filled with the Holy Spirit; to be bold and fruitful in following Christ into the world, bearing witness to His marvelous grace in word and deed; to grow in numbers and in a depth and understanding of the will of God; and to see the gospel expand among the unevangelized in the world – creating vital churches and church conferences among all the peoples of the world, anticipating the coming of the Lord.

[Victor Adrian, “Who are the Mennonite Brethren?” MB Herald, December 1986


The Holy Spirit, the Counsellor, is the creative power, presence and wisdom of God. The Spirit convicts people of sin, gives them new life and guides them into all truth. By the Spirit, believers are baptized into one body. The indwelling
Spirit testifies that they are God’s children, distributes gifts for ministry, empowers for witness and produces the fruit of righteousness. As Comforter, the Holy Spirit helps God’s children in their weakness, intercedes for them according to God’s will and assures them of eternal life.
[Article 1, MB Confession of Faith







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