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Multiply May Ukraine updates

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May 3

  • MB Ukraine conference minister Roman Rakhuba shares the pain and hope being experienced by those in Ukraine: “A part of our country is like a cemetery where dreams, relationships, property, plans, and hopes are buried, along with thousands of friends, relatives, acquaintances… Yet, because Christ is risen, I believe that life does not fade away. This graveyard of broken hopes, relationships, plans and lost loved ones will become a place of joy, where all the broken will be restored.”
  • Pastor Maxym Oliferovski reports on how his New Hope Center in Zaporizhzhia continues to function as a shelter for refugees. More than 100 people have been housed in the last month, finding hospitality, support for their evacuation journey and, above all, hope. One refugee was helped to flee to Poland, only to return a month later when she heard that her son, a soldier, had been killed, and that her daughter was still trapped in a conflict zone. Literally sick with worry, she was housed at the New Hope Center and given both medical care and prayer support. After one week, her daughter was able to escape to join her, and they were tearfully reunited.
  • Berdyansk MB pastor Alexei Yuditsenko reports that in the city of Zaporizhzhia there is a crippling shortage of medicine, baby food, hygiene products, and many more vital supplies. He and his church are looking for ways to send more help into this occupied territory. He writes, “I would like to express special gratitude to those who help – you are my heroes. Please don’t be silent; talk about this genocide and pray for God to give us peace.” 
  • Molochansk MB pastor Oleksii Makaiov tells us of a shelter for refugees that they helping to build in Mukachevo, close to Ukraine’s border with Hungary. Construction work continues with the installation of a shower, toilet, and kitchen. Furniture and household items are being brought in, and electrical wiring has been completed. He writes, “We are grateful to you who are helping us to frame this shelter. Offline and online, we call on all believers to put their hope in God. He is our true shelter, the rest for our hearts amidst pain and despair.” 
  • A Mission Eurasia ministry center in Irpin, northern Ukraine, has been destroyed. Teams from the center traveled to a Mission Eurasia warehouse in Krakow, Poland and, thanks to generous donations, have since been able to print over ten times the quantity of bibles that were lost. These are being distributed in refugee centers, and one worker writes, “Scripture and hope are needed now more than ever in Ukraine. Thank you for making these bibles available for ministry to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugee families.” 
  • The MB churches in Austria continue to fill vehicles with provision and transport them to Ukraine. The journey is not without risk, and they ask for our ongoing prayers.
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