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Heirs and Joint Heirs: Mission to Church among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh

Paul D. Wiebe
Kindred Productions, 2010

The 40,000-member MB church of Andhra Pradesh began with pioneers like Paul D. Wiebe’s parents and grandparents. After growing up in India and returning as sociologist and educator, Wiebe is qualified to trace the history of MB mission in the province, and to celebrate the “turning back in” from colonialism to a locally embodied faith.

In Another Day of the Lord: The Mission Days of the Mennonite Brethren Church of India in Pictures

Paul D. Wiebe & David A. Wiebe
Kindred Productions, 2010

These black and white glossy photos tell the story of missionaries to India between 1888 and the mid-1970s and the snake charmers, drummers, potters, and farmers they served. Despite the cultural and historical differences to which the snapshots of elephant rides and ox plows attest, the photos of ocean baptisms and stone churches celebrate our oneness in Christ.

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