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Homeless and displaced people not forgotten

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Any time an event requires major changes to lower-income neighbourhoods, there are disruptions – and concern for those who live there. In B.C., the issue was addressed well in advance of the Olympics, but many critics say it’s not enough.

Regardless of the politics of the issue, Christian groups are making efforts on behalf of displaced and homeless people. Under More Than Gold, 5,000 of 25,000 “welcome bags” have been designated for those who are remaindered by the Olympics. Socks and scarves are added to the standard bags (handwarmers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, rain ponchos, etc.) to provide a little comfort.

The charity group “Home for the Games” is putting $50 of the $100 fees it collects toward work in the Vancouver East Side.

—Barrie McMaster

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