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From 1999 to 2005, I had the privilege of working as part of an ambulance team (I trained to the level of an EMT-A). I found the work fulfilling, partners supportive, and God very close. I prayed for wisdom and insight as we arrived at various scenes: I would plead for lives, for healing, and that we wouldn’t miss a critical element in the situation. Time and again, I felt God using my hands to staunch blood flow, start an IV, comfort the frightened, and ease the dying. Doing CPR, I was acutely aware that this person’s life was very much in my hands – which were enclosed in God’s hands.

When I was being interviewed for the position of ambulance technician, the director, a confirmed atheist, asked if I prayed. (My last employment had been at a Bible camp.) I assured him I did – why wouldn’t I when the power of God was at my fingertips? I was hired. And God used my hands.


—Marian Tidsbury

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