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“Come to me, all you who are weary…”

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(Matthew 11:28–30)

St. Catharines, Ont.

ExperienceWPG-77During the season of Lent, Scott Street MB Church offered refreshment – Scripture reading – in the sanctuary each morning, Monday through Thursday. Pastor Jim Cober read four or five chapters from the Gospels, from Matthew through to Luke. (Sunday services featured readings from the Gospel of John.)

“This reading gives an opportunity for people to listen to a gripping and true story that continues to have life-changing impact in those who hear it,” says Cober who orchestrated the readings for the second year.

“The Gospels are the primary sources in discovering the truth of God in the words and actions of Jesus,” says Cober. He didn’t preach at these morning sessions; any commentary or discussion on the passage was listener-initiated.

Attendance ranged from 12 to 25, mostly retirees, but a few came regularly from their jobs for the 20–30 minute sessions.

“I really appreciated hearing the Word being read aloud, letting it wash over me; just God’s Word, without comment, soaking into my being,” says Lydia Mandau, regular Lenten reading attender and Scott Street member. “It was especially meaningful, in the weeks leading up to Easter, to be reminded of what our Lord went through for us.”

Cober closed each morning session with the words of Matthew 11:28–30. If he forgot, the regular attenders would prompt “Don’t forget to read the Matthew verses!”

Doris Cober, St. Catharines, Ont.

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